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Traffic Violations Defense

Traffic and DUI Defense for Southern Nevada Residents and Visitors

If you were cited for a serious traffic violation in southern Nevada, the consequences can be more far-reaching than simply paying a fine, hefty as it could be. For certain offenses like DUI you could be facing jail time and a criminal record. Even for a simple speeding ticket, you're looking at increased insurance premiums and points on your license that could lead to suspension.

The good news is that you can fight traffic citations. Despite what you may have heard, you can fight DUI charges.

Don't get stuck with a DUI or traffic ticket. I can defend you. Contact me by e-mail or call 702-997-8030 for a free initial consultation.

Defending Clark County Residents in Serious Traffic Cases

Traffic tickets are issued every day in Clark County, so how do you know what constitutes a serious violation? If you were allegedly involved in or cited for any of the items in the following list, call me immediately. As your lawyer, I can defend you from the serious consequences of conviction.

  • DUI (whether involving drugs or alcohol)
  • Speeding tickets
  • School zone or construction zone violations
  • Accidents with injuries
  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Road rage
  • Hit and run

I can represent you in hearings to get traffic warrants quashed.

Defending Out-of-State Drivers

Though my practice primarily focuses on defending local residents from serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, I also defend out-of-state drivers. Usually these drivers are from the surrounding states of California, Utah, or Arizona and received traffic or speeding tickets while visiting Las Vegas.

Most states have reciprocity agreements with Nevada that allow any ticket you receive here to impact your driver's license at home. Regardless of the state you are from, I can handle the entire case on your behalf. In most cases, you won't even have to return to Vegas.

Contact Me for a Free Initial Consultation

For experienced representation, straightforward legal counsel and aggressive defense of DUI and traffic violations, contact my office today.