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Firm Overview

Experienced Legal Representation — Practical Advice

A good attorney provides many different services. He is there to counsel, advise and guide you when you need help the most.

Whether representing you in a criminal defense matter, bankruptcy or civil litigation case, I do more than argue your case in court. One of the most important parts of my job is giving you the time and attention you need to feel informed, confident and prepared. I am your advocate in and out of the courtroom. I am your source of legal information. I am your advisor and your counselor.

At the office of Edward F. Gonciarz Attorney & Counselor at Law in Henderson, Nevada, I represent clients facing a wide range of legal issues. With more than 20 years of legal experience, I have the tools and ability to help you work toward a positive resolution of your legal matter.

Keeping You Involved and Informed

As a smaller law firm, I and my entire staff can be focused on providing close personal attention along with experienced and reliable representation. We make our clients a priority, whether you are facing a DUI charge, trying to save your home through foreclosure mediation or trying to repair your business account credit.

As your lawyer, I have a responsibility to provide:

  • Professional representation in court
  • Informed recommendations for resolving your case
  • Reliable information to help you make important decisions
  • Thorough preparation of your case to explore every option
  • Close personal attention and access to answers when you need them

I know when you walk through my door that you care about the results of you case. If you didn't care, you would never hire an attorney. So, no case that we take on is too small to put our best effort forward. As a respected professional with a proven record of success, I will work to help you fight for your freedom, your home or your future.

Get the Guidance You Need

In criminal defense or civil legal matters, you can rely on my office for representation focused on getting the results you need with the legal support you want. Call 702-997-8030 or contact me online today to schedule a free initial consultation.