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Criminal Law

Southern Nevada Attorney With More Than 20 Years of Experience

Defending the Rights of the Accused in Nevada Courts

Are you facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges? I defend the rights of adults and juveniles who are accused in criminal courts in Nevada. I am ready to fight for you in any court in southern Nevada, including municipal, justice, and district courts. Contact me by e-mail or call 702-997-8030 for a free initial consultation. We offer low fees, low rates and low charges for our attorney services. See this website for a review of our credit card fees.

Defending Clark County Residents and Visitors

As an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer, I defend people who have been charged with crimes anywhere in southern Nevada. If you were allegedly involved or have been cited for a crime ranging from drug possession or a probation violation to DUI, call me immediately. I routinely handle state and federal charges including:

  • Traffic and speeding tickets
  • DUI/DWI (whether the DUI involved drugs or alcohol)
  • Property and theft crimes, including passing bad checks and casino marker fraud
  • White collar crimes and fraud
  • Drug crimes
  • Assault/domestic violence
  • Sex offenses such as prostitution or soliciting prostitution
  • Parole, probation and sex offender registration violations and hearings
  • Juvenile delinquency

I also handle bail and bond hearings, felony and preliminary hearings, and quashing warrants.

Juvenile Defense

Minors (under age 18) are forced to grow up quickly when faced with charges for alleged criminal activity. The effects of felony convictions can follow juveniles throughout their lives even though their criminal records may be sealed. Criminal convictions can impact their ability to enter college or the military, obtain employment, or get credit and insurance. Common juvenile crimes include DUI, drug possession, speeding or other traffic violations, theft, and vandalism.

I have a great deal of experience representing juvenile clients. I am committed to helping young people minimize the consequences of juvenile delinquency and getting back on the right track.

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For experienced criminal defense and straightforward advice about your case, contact my office today.